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Transforming Society's Failure is the first book written by the creator of Progression, Omari Amili. This book is intended to be a source of inspiration for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially formerly incarcerated people. It is also intended to be an outlet for sharing both the unique, and not so unique experiences of an individual who has bounced back from growing up in poverty with parents who battled addiction to become a productive member of society and a scholar following incarceration. Through the sharing of stories such as the one told in Transforming Society's Failure, we can change the narrative regarding formerly incarcerated people and begin to view them for their potential as opposed to judging them based on perceived risk.

The proceeds from this book will go toward reducing the author's student loan burden in addition to helping build the Progression brand so that as many people as possible can be reached and served. In addition to the purchase price of the book, please consider an additional donation to assist in reaching these goals. Thank you for your support.

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