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Mission Statement

Progression strives to assist people with a history of incarceration in reducing the risk for recidivism and becoming productive members of society by helping them prepare to be successful college students.


Progression began as the Master's project for the creator and facilitator, Omari Amili. Omari Amili is a former high school drop-out who came from a very disadvantaged background. After serving time in prison for bank fraud he successfully transitioned from being incarcerated to earning an Associate's Degree in Alcoholism & Drug Abuse at Pierce College, double Bachelors' in Psychology and IAS: Self & Society at the University of Washington Tacoma, and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies within the Community & Social Change concentration also at the University of Washington Tacoma.

During his journey as a college student he picked up on a lot that he has a desire to share with people who came from backgrounds similar to his. Through creating and facilitating the Progression workshop in addition to creating a workbook and writing guides, Omari has found a way to impact the lives of people from marginalized backgrounds who otherwise might be forgotten.


Omari Amili


Available for Scheduling

If you want to bring the Progression workshop to your establishment please e-mail Omari@ProgressionWA.com. I am looking for new outlets and I am also available for speaking/presenting and consulting.